Awards & Publications

Innovation and renewal are central to the custom solutions I-Sago offers. A number of our solutions have come to the fore and have received great recognitions and awards. We are happy to provide an overview of the recognitions and awards achieved.

RIONED innovation prize

In 2019, the I-Sago team, together with a number of project partners, participated in the innovation prize with an idea about the measurability of the sewage system. The first steps in development were taken after the Smart City Challenge was won by the municipality of Amsterdam. Participation in the RIONED innovation prize made it possible to take the following steps. Curious about which developments we made during the innovation prize?


Smart City solution for the city of Amsterdam

In September 2017, the Municipality of Amsterdam issued a call for creative and efficient logistics solutions. The purpose of this solution was to better manage the hustle and bustle in the city. The I-Sago team decided to participate in the challenge with a slightly different idea. Water can also be seen as wrong. That became clear when we won this prize. Curious with what idea we won this prize?


Eurocloud Award for Best Business Case Public Sector

Breda won the title for the smartest city center in the Netherlands. In collaboration with iReckon and Microsoft, our team was allowed to participate in the project ‘Robbie Rat en Waterakkers’. In the project, new ultramodern techniques were used to visualize the water flow, in both the sewage and surface water. This project is a good example of good cooperation between business, government and education.

eurocloud award - i-sago

The (un)habitable smart city

I-Sago and What About Change are joining forces to help municipalities to think through, develop and transform into a smart city. Do you want to know how we do that?

De (on)bewoonbare smart city - I-Sago