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In the combination of knowledge, data and processes, the knowledge component is a broad concept. We divide the use of our knowledge into three different parts in order to give a clear picture of what knowledge means at i-Sago.

Designing water and light systems

The design of water and light systems contains a complex whole of components that must be put together. These components include control and automation. In water systems, only these components play a role. In light systems matters, such as being future proof, flexible and expandable are essential in the development. Water and light systems are complex and highly technical to develop. An innovative and primarily qualitative system that is future proof must also be easy to manage, adapt and operate.

Within this section, we have been able to carry out various projects. Examples are Waterakkers, Alternative sanitation Zundert and Smart lighting system Binnenstad Eindhoven.

Knowledge transfer in the form of training and documentation

Knowledge transfer takes place in various forms. The most common forms are through documentation and in the form of training.


Much documentation has not been kept up to date or optimized after development. A lot of gain can be achieved by optimizing the documentation, automating or improving the control. This makes it easier and / or more efficient to manage a system.


Developing and delivering education requires a great deal of in-depth knowledge of highly technical areas. There are training courses that we have developed and provide in the field of determining information needs, collecting, structuring and combining data. All these issues relate to the urban water management cycle.

For example, we are part of the Water Training (Wateropleiding) and we work together with Overducon, a training provider in the field of pump technology.


Municipalities frequently use tenders. A tendering system is important to organize a lot of things correctly. A tender is always accompanied by a Schedule of Requirements in which all the requirements of a client and / or assignment must be correctly described. The assessment of registrations involving the collection and organization of data must also be properly arranged. I-Sago’s specialists have many years of experience with tenders and assisting municipalities during this process.

The project Procurement for main post / telecommunication (Utrecht / Breda) is a project in which we were able to contribute a lot, as is the Procurement for telemetry OVL.

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