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Data can be very valuable in optimally organizing management. Many things can be predicted and adjusted on the basis of data. In the field of data, we initiate and supervise projects in which data must be collected and processed. These projects can contain many different parts.

Common parts in these projects are:

  • – Realizing measurement projects
  • – Collecting data
  • – Combining data to support management

When we lack components or when parts do not connect, we will develop them. In this way, the required data can be collected in an efficient and affordable way, or the information can be presented. It is a waste to lose data, which is why small adjustments and developments can make a world of difference. Together, we will look for the right components that are the most efficient.

Relevant projects

A number of projects in which our work with data clearly stands out are, for example, Measuring monitors Waterakkers, Langdonk Roosendaal, Maasdriel and Living Lab Roosendaal.

Projects such as Development Sensor Ring, Sensor Ball, Communication Module and Robbie de Rat, are relevant in the field of development and collection of components.

Are you curious about what i-Sago can do for your organization in the field of data? Please contact us or fill in the form below.