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Every project that relates to the efficient organization of the management of a public space has to deal with processes. These processes are important to map out and to see which other things such as descriptions and improvements can be made in these processes. Only by optimally deploying and utilizing the processes can the management of a public space be optimally organized. The i-Sago team works on projects through process optimization or through process supervision.

Process optimization

Many projects require process optimization, which consists of process analysis, description and improvement. For example, after an analysis, a description is developed, after which the digital landscape can be mapped. Another essential part is recording the data requirement.

The right tools for the most optimal way of working are regularly lacking. In these situations, we ensure that tools are developed to ensure that processes can be fully optimized. In doing so, we ensure that standards are also set and that they are aligned with the standards. In this way, the data can be stored and exchanged correctly within the process.

Every process is different, and it is important to put together the right components. These components can come from different disciplines and together ensure optimal control of the public space. Finding the right components is not always easy and can sometimes require a lot of technical depth. We have various specialists and partners who can take the right steps in this and realize the right developments.

Process support

What have we already done in this field?

We have been able to carry out the process analysis of sewage management Roosendaal, research, maintenance and supervision. We also carried out the Initial GWSL project OVL Roosendaal. For VISI Tooling, we have been able to develop tools to optimize processes. At GWSW and GWSL, standards have been agreed and established for the storage and exchange of data. The Living Lab Roosendaal and Water Specials Breda projects mainly consisted of putting together the right components to ultimately control public spaces optimally.

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