Eurocloud Award for Best Business Case Public Sector

Breda won the title for the smartest city center in the Netherlands. In collaboration with iReckon and Microsoft, our team was allowed to participate in the project “Robbie Rat en Waterakkers”. The project used new ultramodern techniques to visualize the water flow in both the sewage system and the surface water.

Breda is a real water city

The city of Breda is a water city, partly because of the beautiful canals. However, water can also present major challenges in the outdoor space of a city. The climate is changing and more and more of these challenges are expected in the future. The fact that Breda can now call itself the smartest city center in the Netherlands confirms that the plan to meet these challenges can be successful.

The municipality of Breda is very proud of the resulting title. Alderman Bernie van den Berg indicated that he is very proud of the title. The project is a good example of good cooperation between business, government and education.

Double prize

The project “Robbie de Rat and Waterakkers” not only won the jury prize, but also the public prize went to the project. The finalists were Haarlem, Utrecht and Breda. The election by the jury and the public is a confirmation of confidence in the project. The competition is a great initiative by Smart Data City.

The project

Within the project “Robbie de Rat and Waterakkers” a new technique has been used. This technique is used to monitor water flow via small electronic transmitters and receivers. It was decided to make it visible using social media. A unique concept that is visible to everyone.

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