Smart City Solution for the city of Amsterdam

In September 2017, new solutions were sought for the logistics problems in the city. The challenge was to solve these creatively and effectively in the field of logistics. I-Sago decided to apply with an idea in the field of sewerage. Because we also see water as traffic. Not quite the task set, but we decided to sign up with our idea.

The idea of I-Sago

I-Sago has set up a project in response to an issue from the Water Board de Dommel and the Municipality of Waalre. The issue was very concrete, to replace the tile tax with an alternative that clarified the calculation of the amount of rainwater actually discharged into the sewer system.

Based on this issue, our team thought it would be an interesting idea to look at how concrete real-time information can be retrieved from the sewage system. There are already sensors on the market, but they are very expensive and cannot withstand the conditions of the sewer in the long term. The idea that was developed was an affordable but robust sensor that can provide a picture of the situation in the sewerage system by means of advanced data analysis. This image should help the sewerage manager to reduce costs but also reduce the environmental impact, and this would make it very efficient to reduce costs because the analysis indicates clear results.

Participation in the challenge

With the idea that water can also be seen as traffic, our team decided to participate in the challenge. Contrary to expectations, the idea was awarded first prize. By participating in the Amsterdam Smart City challenge, the idea could be further developed. Ultimately, the further developed idea was entered in the RIONED innovation prize.

What is Amsterdam Smart City?

Amsterdam Smart City is an innovation platform that proactively brings together citizens, innovative companies, knowledge institutions and governments to shape the city of the future. By sharing knowledge and working together on solutions, we arrive at innovative solutions for metropolitan issues of a social, economic and ecological nature. The ultimate goal is to keep the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area livable, both now and in the coming years.