Intelligent, clean sewage pumping stations

An average Dutch municipality contains hundreds of water management systems: from large pump stations to small control cabinets. Three companies join forces to automate those systems, making them more efficient and durable, and allowing mechanics to work more easily.

Water management installations have evolved from wires and switches to software-based operating systems in recent years. That has one major disadvantage: to make a system work properly, engineers and administrators must collect and enter a lot of data. The plants consume a lot of energy and dozens of measurements need to be repeated in each malfunction.

Three CrossRoads partners now join forces to make an end to this.


Wastewater NV, Ireckon Water and i-Sago develop a new generation of automated installations that perform the necessary measurements themselves. Combining sensoring and smart hard- and software, an operating system is ready for use as soon as it is connected. An intuitive interface with dialogue software guides the user step by step through the procedures. This eases the tasks of administrators and engineers, who often work under time pressure or in difficult circumstances – rain storms, sewers. The new, automated installations are easy to build, manage and maintain.

The idea for smart operating systems originally came from i-Sago.
Despite the interest of potential users, it remained some time until the CrossRoads grant made it possible to search for concrete partners. Software company Ireckon Water showed interest in developing smart hardware and writing the software for the dialogue interface. The Antwerp company Wastewater NV is responsible for the installation and maintenance of operating systems and tests the new concept with its engineers and customers. Together with our partners we now first develop a demo project. By the end of 2018 we expect to be able to perform the first assignments





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