Digital Transformation
The changing, increasingly digital society obligates both commercial and government organizations to accelerate sharply when
Asset Management
It’s hard to manage recourses without knowing what to manage. Therefore, asset management is a
Sustainability is more than just a fancy word. It means development that meets the needs
Internet of Things
Internet of Things This catch-all concept concerns a lot of new technological developments which together
What we do

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change

Innovation is not so much inventing new things. It is more about looking at existing things in a different way and creating new connections.

We Are

Innovators, builders of bridges and consultancy partners. Approaching existing processes, technologies and data from a different point of view and making combinations that may not seem obvious, often provides us with exciting new information.

Our mission is to use information technology to make the world a better place and improve liveability in cities.

We Have

a vast experience in the areas of asset management, smart city solutions, process (Process) automation and data analysis at a wide variety of clients. With that we fill the role as a bridge between various individuals and organizations as well as the connection between the person and technology.

We Offer

independent consultancy in the line of asset management, smart city solutions, process optimization, process automation and data analysis.

Always in a way that solves our client’s challenges and enable them to work in a more pleasant way.

What we specialize in


Who are we?

Our Team

Get to know us better!

Eric van Gorkom
Eric van Gorkom
Coming from a background in electronics and computer technology, I like to collect and connect all kinds of information. And I prefer to do so in a clever way that at the beginning doesn't seem to be logical, but at
Camiel Eldering
Camiel Eldering
Make things happen! Launching operations, creating new ideas and completing successful projects by making the right connections between individuals, parties, processes and technology, that's my passion. (more…)
Koen Schellekens
Koen Schellekens
"How can you think -out of the box- ,  if you’re  living in a box?"  Is a statement by a famous visionary. I'm an out-of-the-box-thinker who likes to go a few steps further. (more…)
Melanie van Opstal
Melanie van Opstal
I like to innovate to make this world a better, more social and sustainable place.
Peter Meissen
Peter Meissen
Senior Advisor and owner of i-Sago specializing in projects in which the bridge is gapped between data, information, process automation and electrical engineering. (more…)
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